Traditional agencies have no obligation to look for your next home anywhere outside of the MLS.

We market your demand, & can guarantee saving you money, too.


A 5 minute call can guarantee your Happily Ever After...

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Fayetteville broker flat fee real estate model

​​​​​​​​Our proprietary platform & process. Disposing of the myth that you need 1000's of shoppers looking at your Home. You just need the 1 best Buyer at the right time.

It's Your Home and Your Story. 
Our Mission: to Innovate, Educate, & Empower YOU to more profits and less headaches...

Fayetteville, Arkansas's most innovative, Flat-fee Real Estate Brokerage working with You, making REAL solutions at reasonable fees... providing you peace of mind in Your Home and Your Story.

6% is so 20th Century... We perform all traditional MLS marketing methods, in association with our alternative solution-generating strategies for much lower fees.